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My who and My why..

Picking the title of my introductory post felt quite easy but I hope it makes some sense.
I just want to tell you about myself and  why I chose to share my world with you all instead of keeping a personal diary or journal (though that’s been so hard to do) and probably give you a hint on what to expect from me as we journey together.

I am  Kelechi Uduak Anyanwu,  a simple lady who not only loves children so much but believes greatly in them. I love to share my feelings, observations,thoughts and experiences in writing and most importantly with pictures…hoping they inspire someone and cause a positive change.
Basically my aim of starting a blog is to fulfill this part of me.. I can’t attain that joy of satisfaction without you all….


This picture clearly depicts and in a nutshell says it all.

There will always be something for you, if you love God,children,and life in general.
I have so much to share with you…. and I really want to… So please don’t miss out on this; just drop by frequently…I really hope to connect with you and together we can do great works… (I hope we can achieve that in a year…lol).

There is indeed enough for every single person…..




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