The compass of life.


I woke up that great day, a vibrant four-year old probably thinking of breakfast. Running to the sitting room after my morning bath, I bumped into my dad. “Good morning daddy” I said jumping into his arms as he lifted me up replying, ‘Morning my friend,hope you slept well’. I nodded as I kept staring at him. ‘What would you like to be in future?’ he asked carrying me into the dinning room where my two siblings sat having their breakfast. My kid sister on hearing the question quickly answered, ‘A nun’ and my elder sister followed with hers, ‘ A lawyer’. My dad leaving me to join them, turned to me saying, ‘I am still waiting for you the first person I asked the question’. I said in a whisper,’Doctor of Children’.

Today, I remember that day as the birthday of the passion that has come to stay and given me the focus and direction that i have followed for years. It has not been a smooth ride but when I feel lost, I look back and recall those seemingly clueless words of a four-year old that have grown and matured 19 years later. Even though I haven’t reached the destination but looking at my drive, I feel stronger to paddle even in the toughest storms.


It may sound rather exaggerated but following those words was this scriptural verse. I muttered it not even knowing where it was in the Bible or how to read the Bible.Till this day I have not forgotten it but come to realize it was repeated in three of the Gospels (Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14, Luke 18:16). Each passing day for 19 years I find myself falling deeply in love with children, finding so much joy just in being around them, looking at their faces, sharing in their joy as they smile even without teeth; I could go on and on.. but let me leave you to recall the sweet memories you’ve enjoyed as a child or with one.

I have longed for the peace they enjoy in their innocence, the deep and strong faith they have in imperfect adults is what I find my self praying for to God each day. I break down when I see them suffer or cry in anguish, I frown when I see them misled. All these emotions beam from the deepest depths of me and at times I do not know how they steal through and show forth.This has been my drive to serve them, care for them, to guide them, speak for them ( how I desire to understand their babble), wipe their tears, to be their smile, to be their reason to strive on and that in me and through me they may come to discover their own essence and drive so that together we all will sail to the shore.

You may wonder what happened to my sisters. Well since this isn’t a natural trend for all siblings to follow, they kept changing their choices till they discovered their true passions which surprisingly are worlds apart from what they have settled for today and are happy with. It doesn’t matter the time it takes to discover that burning desire you find hard to conceal or live without, what matters is that you find it and let it motivate you. Let your passion drive you to that satisfying destination and there you can heave a sigh of relief, beat your breast and be grateful you discovered it.

Your passion may feel similar to another but remember no two people are the same, so take time to discover and distinguish yours, develop it and make the most out of it.

You are unique that’s why you are you.



5 thoughts on “The compass of life.”

  1. I have always believed that what will be will be and that humans can only delay your destiny but certainly never stop it. You have identified your goal early in life and followed it to the letter. May the Lord who begun this in you bring it to fulfilment. Amen. God bless you

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