treasures_by_ranonus-d6tpspmToday I have decided to make you think a little. Have you stopped to think about the name of my blog? Tesoreriae; What does it mean? Is it easy or difficult to pronounce? and I guess you may be wondering,’why on earth would she choose such a name?’

Tesoreriae ( te-so-re-ria) is an Italian and a Spanish word that means Treasury. How did I discover this name? Well, here we go…

On my birthday last year the person who later became my best friend and sadly died that same year, woke me at midnight wishing me a Happy Birthday. After a while talking on the phone, he asked me to guess what my gift was and I said I would love it to remain a surprise. The call dropped and I looked at my screen, and there was a message from him. Hurriedly, I opened it and after reading it, I was drawn to a part of the text that I never thought of before that day. It was the meaning of my name in full. In the text, he called me AKU, and reminded me that in our language ( Igbo) it meant wealth or riches. You are probably trying to find the connection here..just relax, its my job to link it up.

So AKU as he explained to me was from my name as written on all my official documents; since he was a lover of languages and his favourite was Italian, he chose to translate the name to Italian which turned out to be Divitias, the name you see at the end of all my posts.

I felt so glad that day and moved to tears, I couldn’t help but ponder on it over and over and all that came to my mind was the depth of love that moved him to give me such unique gift. In fact I felt I had received the best gift already.  Are you surprised a name means so much to me? I’ve not really had a nickname so special, I grew up hearing everyone call me KC and I’ve kept that as my nickname till now. I really value the name Divitias because it was born from the deepest thoughts of my friend and that’s why even though he passed on, I decided to make the name known to people so that through it I can tell the world about the wonderful gift I had in Reginald(my late friend).

After that day, I thought that if I am wealth then I belong to safe place called a Treasury, then I decided to go Italian too and then came TESORERIAE. Since he made me feel like a jewel to him and he protected me so dearly I felt safe to call him that; now he’s no more, I have him in my treasury where my family, friends and all precious jewels belong. I know treasuries are private but like I said in my first post My who and My why..  I want to share my treasures with you.

Whenever you visit my blog or read any of my posts,please remember  him (Reginald) and all those you treasure but have lost. I believe with time I’d gather more treasures on WordPress. When you are done reading this, think of your name in every way and make deep sense out of it. Your name is your Identity and I believe there’s something unique in yours. It could be a hint or an answer, and in any language too. I know you have more treasures but let’s focus on names now. I would love to know yours so drop it in the comment box or write about it.  If you love this then do it for others too; you never know who you’d be inspiring…

Give it a try, and  don’t fail to share….31dfa3069988addc03908b2c58bb30f8





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