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Childlike Trust in God


You may feel I want to preach to you now.. hold the thought, relax, keep reading and conclude at the end.

In my own  perspective,this wise saying from the Bible is greatly obeyed by children. They show this in the ways they trust adults who are imperfect. They trust that when they are thrown high up in the sky they will be caught. If they cry, they will get the help or attention needed, if they are lost they will be found.. Go on and think, explore all instances of trust shown by kids.


This is the way the Bible encourages us to trust God.Answer sincerely as an adult; has it been easy? Is it easy? Will it be easy? As we grow daily our trust is no longer that free gift we gave every older person when we were a year old. There is a big difference. Trust evolves, it becomes selective and we try to guard it.

Recall growing up and try counting the number of times your trust in someone has made you get hurt. These experiences begin in childhood,and we develop that consciousness to guard our hearts and lives by selecting who we trust. Some of us trust no one and some of us don’t even trust ourselves. Its sad but true.

The  point here is  that we have in some way let this attitude towards fellow human beings affect our relationship with God. God lives in every man we see but that doesn’t make Him a man. He asks us to lean not on our understanding and remember too that He says His ways are not ours. He also says in ALL YOUR WAYS not only in troubled ways,not in clueless ways alone, not when we are stuck, not when we have exceeded all options, but “ALL” meaning  He’s ready to walk with you through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Look at this, He made the whole universe and all that is in it, do you remember He never sleeps nor slumbers and knows every strand of hair on your head…come on He must be a genius. That means He has the map of the world better than google does; we can trust google but have trust issues with God? He honors his word more than His name and in several ways has convinced us of the authenticity of His word. He gives us so much assurance and promises to lead us to blessings no matter what.

Friend, think of the times you have given a friend or even relative a second chance to trust and yet so easily you gave up on trusting God. Why? What made you give up? Even if you have lost trust in everyone including yourself, God deserves the chance because He never lies nor fails. Give God a chance, have a rethink,  and try to get back that type of trust you have or once had in mere men when you were a baby. You will be able to smile, enjoy peace and comfort in uncertainties and when things seem tough.

My candid advice.



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