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Fame or Fulfillment


Welcome to 2017 beloved. I want to wish you all the very best of this year. What plans have you made for the year? How do you hope to achieve them? I know you have gotten those in place already. I want to draw your attention to something that has become a part of our society and personally I feel it is killing us slowly.

I spent the last days of 2016 reviewing a lot of issues I encountered in the past year and how to adjust to them this year. I would share them one after the other but let me start with this one. “What reason did you have for every action you made in the past year”?

Yes, I mean every action, no matter has small should be backed by a reason. Then I recalled several occasions and tried to remember the reason for my action and they were many. “I just did it”, ” I felt it was right to do”, “Everyone else was doing it” and so on. Then I looked back at how I felt after doing those things and i asked my self,”How did you feel”? These answers came, “I felt great”, “People commended me so well” etc.

Now if you didn’t do this, try putting yourself in my shoes and ask yourself these questions and more. What category do you find yourself in? Do you do things for the fame ( even though it’s for a short while) or for that satisfying feeling in your belly that tickles you and makes you smile helplessly.

Children do things at times for not really for the fulfillment because apparently they do not understand it but they get a feeling that mixes both fame and fulfillment. Most adults have not yet distinguished between these two feelings. It’s cute these days to see kids do things not because they care who notices.Normally most kids would so things and call out to an adult to see or listen to their accomplishment. This should not be the case for adults. I still  don’t understand why someone would take a selfie with a homeless person and then post it for the comments. It is okay to post it to pass a message across but is it necessary? Let people learn from what they see you do.. Remember actions speak louder than words.


People, this attitude is not only affecting our dealings with each other but it has creeped into our service to God. It seems like there is this contest for fame that is replacing the deep desire for selfless service.We now aspire to be like famous people just so that we too can get the fame they have or get the treatment, praise and favours attached. We just want to feel among. But in earnest have you answered this question, “How do you feel when the last person in the crowd goes away”?

Do you feel satisfied by the act that gained you the fame? Do you feel happy you passed on the right message? Do you feel sad your fans are gone? Do you go in search of how to get relief from the depression coming with the silence?

Friends, in our daily dealings this year let us do things for reasons that stem out of our selflessness. Let us quit seeking fame and find fulfillment that stays when no one passes a compliment. Help that beggar, that homeless person, make someone smile and let your head and heart take the selfies that will never be lost or affected by a virus. Let us seek to do things and not care who looks but recall that God sees it all and in secret He will bless us. Let us do things just because it is the right thing to do and then let others do the job of spreading the good news or lesson learnt from your action or word. Let us serve God in our churches not because we one day want to be leaders in the church but because we want to go home feeling the joy that comes with pleasing God even when no one commends us.This year I would really love us to look out for those silent pace-setters, those invisible care givers, etc and stop patronizing those who seek fame or are already famous. Let us stop pushing people to do things like others. The fact that some people do things not the way we expect, may not mean they are doing nothing at all. Before you judge them foe not meeting your standards, get to know them and find out the reason why it is so. Put on the garment of encouragement and let go of your criticisms and you will see better results.Not everyone is strong enough for that harsh truth, the way you say it may damage instead of repair; find the right way to put your words.

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I love you so much and I wish you all the joy that comes with secret service and pray you find treasures in those hidden, deserted and unattractive places and packages as you seek to do something unique and positively different.


Happy New Year once more and maximize every opportunity to get fulfilled this year.





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