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The Right Time *SERIES*

Are you excited? I feel so excited to begin my first series here. HURRAH!!!! right-time

Yes!! This picture says it all. How much do you want to do it right and when do you feel is the best time to do it? You do not need to be a parent but as long as you are an adult you have the responsibility of leading the little ones around you in the right direction. So this series is not just for parents but for every adult. It’s for you! Yes, I mean YOU!!

I will be sharing a lot on what and when I feel is best to get a child to know about certain things. To follow this series closely, I would encourage you to visit frequently and please do not be selfish, spread the message to others around you. No matter how small the impact may be to you, you cannot really know how great this will change a life, correct an impression and Viola! we make a great change.

Have you ever thought of these quotes? The right time is now! Growth happens so fast and while you wait for the best time which may not be the right time, time keeps moving and before you know this happens.14fd3f11bb58262696643c37792538e6

Really, when I look back at how time has gone and where I am today I realize so much is happening and if I did not learn some things when I was a child then ,what will I be today? I watch adults claim to love and wanting to be nice to children yet they leave out important but hard lessons they are meant to teach these young minds. Who said life is always rosy?

I will be focusing on some values I hold in high esteem and several other topics. I wouldn’t mind getting suggestions from you too.I hope to wow you and make you eager for more episodes while working hard to release new episodes in short time intervals. I hope to have fun while inspiring and educating you.

There is a lot to enjoy in this series, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. so visit Facebook and check out “Rhythm foundation page”, there we can interact fully and more elaborately on the opinions reflected in my posts here on WordPress.

I love children and I love you too. I know your love for them like mine will make you strive to give them your all and do it right.


Like I said before, this task is not only for parents but for each and every adult. So personalize these words and let’s do this!!!




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