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RTS Episode 1: Self Control

Hey there pal! If this is your first visit, welcome and don’t feel left out, just check my previous post to get informed properly on what you will be enjoying in this series..I’m so excited but before I get carried away let’s get straight to what’s up. wp-1486377386491.jpg

Life is a phase and it has stages. We never remain in one stage but keep progressing with time. Childhood is one of these stages and sadly we don’t remain kids forever. This is one truth we at times try to run away from especially when we have children in our care. They won’t be kids all their lives and just like you’ve grown to be an adult, they would too. So why not become a great part of their lives by giving them what is appropriate to be okay when they get to the stage you are in now.

Let me define self-control as the ability to say No to one’s self even when a yes feels great.I feel self-control needs to be incorporated in children from the time they begin interacting with other people. Teaching a child self control starts from your ability to realize that a child, like you has needs and wants. Can you tell them apart? We feel saying no to a child could make them hate you or feel you hate them. But why paint a fake picture about life to them? Why make them feel they will grow up getting all they need or want when that’s a lie? Start by knowing the right time to let a child have things and be sure needs come before wants.

There’s so much to gain from teaching a child self-control. They’d learn to make sacrifices in life! “Mum I want more”! “No you’ve had enough”! These words are not strange to kids from Nigeria or Africa but these words teach a child that you can have little and it’s enough. It tells them that no matter how nice food may taste, there may be a time when you may not have too much but just enough; so be content with what you have. Self control makes you realize contentment and moves you to be grateful for the little you get.

Have you gone shopping with a child who creates a scene just because they want something?  You get the item, only for the child to reject or destroy it afterwards. How do you feel? What did you do? I’d love to know!

A child needs to know this. They should know that you will never have all that is in a mall and that some choices have to overthrow others.
Remember that at some point you will have little or no control over this loving child’s life and only then will you reap the fruits of the seeds you had sown. Teaching a child self-control needs your close and careful study and understanding of their attitudes. Self control kills greed and gluttony. Making a child understand self control will eliminate the envy that comes with making hard sacrifices. Teaching a child how to behave in public will not only spare you shame but instill good etiquette in them. Teaching a child to go to bed in time and to study even when the most interesting TV show is on, that’s self control. It makes them know there’s more to life than social media and the Internet.

Pause here and think of instances we could use to teach our kids about this blessing.

You stand to enjoy all these if you start now to teach that little one to discipline himself/herself. Remember they are future leaders and you have the chance to correct the wrongs of today by putting in them what is necessary for tomorrow. Start from home and this would make your child open to corrections from others and let them know corrections are needed to obtain perfection. Let them know it’s love not hatred.

Self control is fruit of the Spirit of God dwelling in us. We need it to follow God’s will in life and when we need to make decisions. We need it to help our kids say no to enticing offers that are destroying us and our world. We need to teach our little ones that ‘No’ could be a negative word but can yield positive effects. Start now to teach them and thank me tomorrow.




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