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RTS Episode 2: Control YOURSELF

Previously on Right Time Series(RTS) :


So in case you missed that episode here you go http://wp.me/p82giG-8E. That’s the link to the previous episode or you could just spend some time going through my other posts🤗.
Back to today’s word! It says Control YOURSELF.

Are you that adult who cannot draw a line on limits when with kids? Are you the child pleaser? Are you the adult who loses control of themselves just to be like kids and can’t get it back?

We are encouraged to be as kids but not to forget we are past that stage. This doesn’t mean lose the adult mind! It simply means come down to their level so you can think like them and understand their view, relate to the situation and handle it as an ADULT.

I lose my mind when I see adults act even worse than kids just because they are with or around children. Well we are guilty of this in one way or the other. We lose control over our manner of speech,  composure, control of our emotions and at times leave out saying or doing the appropriate things.

At times when correcting kids we let our emotions and frustration get in. This stops us from effectively correcting the child who is still learning. Even as caregivers or parents we find it hard to say “No” to our kids who at times make irrelevant requests. The excuse is,”I love my child”, “I don’t want them to go through tough times like I did”. Wow! I hope you will be there all through to do and provide all things for them.

When we can’t control ourselves as adults, then kids can control us. Oh yes! I said it and I know it’s real. Someone has to be in control so when you lose yourself they run things their way! At times they are forced to mature to step up for your inadequacy and they lose the joys of being a child. Is this the love? Don’t be amazed to hear that babies too can and do control adults. Most times mothers are their victims.

I never said you should not attend to the needs of a child especially one crying, but like a child who can talk, babies cry to pass a message or make a request. So study your child to know when it’s trivial and for goodness sake, tears don’t kill! Let them be! At times before the baby cries out you are already panicking, they observe and understand you and may take advantage of that. “All I need to do is act like I’ll cry and I’d get all the attention” they think. When we do this we pay a price of not just being used by a BABY. We tend to focus all our attention, time and energy on one child and may neglect others, get stressed or suffer some sort of malfunction in our responsibilities. Of course we cannot serve two masters at once.

Dear adults, it’s time to get back our control and act as the adults we are. When you are dealing with children bring yourself so that you can take right decisions and be a sure good example to them. Remember always that your words do not convey the message like your actions do so be careful what you do when a child is around. They learn faster from what they see.

I believe your childhood memories and a brief review of your encounter with kids can make this post a clear picture for better understanding.

We are not done yet; there’s more! Start now to practice this and visit for more of this! See you next time!




2 thoughts on “RTS Episode 2: Control YOURSELF”

  1. Thanks dear… we need to start effecting the change we seek and I feel the young ones can be saved from our mistakes.. # catch them young# Remember there’s more coming soon!


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