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RTS Episode 3: Respect is reciprocal 

Previously On Right Time Series(RTS):



So I got into this bus and it was so packed. I didn’t get a sit and I stood close to where a lass sat. She had her earphones on but no masks or something to cover her eyes. Well I wasn’t expecting her to stand for me to sit so I looked away as the journey commenced. We got to a stop and a granny came in. She looked so frail and struggled with two somewhat heavy-looking sacks. I shifted a bit thinking the lass would get up for the granny to sit. “NO, SHE DIDN’T”! She looked away and I felt so heart-broken. Thoughts ran in my head and I asked where is respect hiding in our society these days.kids-respect

Teach them respect not only for you but others and for themselves. Don’t forget it starts with your actions too. A child needs to know that respect is different from fear. A child needs to know that respect is reciprocal.

Now children walk past adults and don’t even mutter any greeting.  I don’t know if I should call it respect or courtesy but I sure know I want children to learn and be taught this strongly. Whenever you see someone especially if they’re older learn to greet.

Teach a child that it’s wrong to speak while someone older is speaking. I’m not the only one who has seen videos of kids walking out on their parents or abuse their parents verbally. In public they curse and swear and do all sorts of things because they feel they need to be respected but fail to respect others in return.

Well I’m not saying kids don’t have right to express themselves but they need to know the right way to do it. What impression of you as an ADULT do you think you’ve created by fighting a child in public?


Catch them young and thank me later. Teach boys to respect ladies and girls to respect men. Teach them that what you do will come back to you. Do not only teach them to seek to be respected but to respect everyone. Teach girls not to be provocative because they seek equal respect. Teach boys not to be proud and condescending because they feel they need to be respected.

Helping someone older walking with heavy bags is a great sign of respect and kids ought to know that. Aha! Teach your kids not to mock their teachers and feel cool about it. Teach them to respect people no matter what they do. By this I mean teach them to respect even cleaners. It’s disrespectful to mess a place up for someone older to clean it up for you. Yes they are paid to do it but they are human and could be your parent! Let them know this truth.

I won’t fail to remind you to teach your kids to respect God! You don’t need to be a Christian but someone made you and deserves to be accorded some respect. Give Him that due respect and they’d do it too. If you go to a place of worship encourage your kids to participate actively in worship. Like I said in my previous post control Yourself and you’d control them. Don’t encourage restlessness in the house of God!

I’ve seen some Nigerian parents laugh when their kids tell them to shut up. There’s always this saying, ‘he/she is just a child’. Well you are giving an excuse and encouraging the child to be disrespectful and hence if they say it to you and you smile they’d expect every adult to do so too. It can’t happen.


images ress

Teaching young ones respect saves them from being  disliked by people. Everyone loves decent and respectful kids. It’s heart warming to see them be respectful. Save your young one from hate and scorn. People won’t treat an arrogant child nicely. If they get in trouble people won’t be excited to help. You know the dangers of being disrespectful and I know you won’t want your child facing this so please do well to start teaching them to be respectful.

images tea

This part may need a lot of discipline but don’t forget to do it with love and self-control. They’d see it’s for the good of it and gratitude comes later. Don’t be fond of overlooking bad habits. Remember that practice makes perfect. The more you let them do bad they’d get better doing it and before you realize you need to stop them it may be too hard and quite late. So start now!




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