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RTS Episode 4: Appreciation

You may think this is the end but hold the thought!


“Daddy,Mummy thank you”! We say this each time after meals in my home and till today I got so used to it that I do it whenever I finish eating but thanking those around me.

I feel people become negative minded when they fail to be grateful for the smallest things around them. I realize there’s so much joy attached to gratitude and I want kids to experience it. Don’t you?

How old should your ward be before you teach them to say the word “thank you”. It’s so charming to hear a child say thank you or hug you when you give them something or do something for them. At times some don’t and would even snatch a gift away from you and as loving adults we make excuses for this by laughing and say, “This baby”! “No”! Don’t say that!

Kudos to parents who caution the child and make sure they do it right and even apologize for the misconduct.


Start by teaching them to say it after they are given anything. It will be a part of them at some point. Can you teach a child to thank God? Yes and you do that when they wake and when they sleep. This also reminds them that someone watches over them while they sleep and spends the whole day doing so for them too. And the least they could do is say,”Thank you”

How about teaching them to appreciate their society? This world can never be a perfect place but if we learn to appreciate the good things we’d work hard to make more so we can have more things to be grateful for. Teach them not to litter the surrounding. I love seeing grandparents and parents walk kids and give them comfort of appreciating their surroundings and keep in touch with nature.

Teach young ones to appreciate you! Yes,I mean it! I hear kids say, “it’s my dad’s responsibility so I don’t need to thank him”. Really though? This attitude may not affect you since you may be used to it and probably see it that way but it is WRONG. Teach them that it takes responsibility, selflessness and sacrifice to do a lot for another person and that a little show of appreciation is not only heartwarming but encouraging. If you think it happens to just you the parent or adult relative, then you’re wrong. It’s transferred to the teachers and cleaner at school, to everyone who is paid to do something for your child and they say, “it’s their job”. So?

This makes a child intentionally leave the bathroom without flushing it turning off water cos someone is paid for it. Find more scenarios.


Mind that the steps in the picture applies to both boys and girls. I love this image because it starts with a prompt to remind you that you are the better example and that your actions are a great part of your training plan. Look out!


Then finally teach a child to appreciate who they are. I mean appreciate where they come from(their roots and culture) because that’s their identity. Teach them to be grateful they had heroes and people in the past to set paces they are now following (ancestors).

I am not a fan of folks who say they can’t teach kids their culture. Western culture belongs to people and we all want to copy that and let the Labor of our heroes past be in vain. I do not think that would be fair!

Teach kids to be grateful for every single thing and the joy of gratitude will make them better people and while doing this don fail to have the attitude of gratitude.


I am grateful to share this with you and appreciate you for not only reading but also for practicing. I love you….



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