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I know its been so long I dropped something here but I just finished my exams and thank God I can now focus on spending time with you.  So while preparing for my exams I never stopped missing my best teacher whom I wished were around to simplify things for me. Can you guess who? Keep reading and you will know.

So she was a teacher by profession and also a teacher at home,lolz. My mum taught my sisters and I every single subject we learnt in school. We were not home-schooled but at that time having a  teacher for extra lessons was the in thing and my mum was my own. I wish my sisters and I could do a video to share our experiences! At that time it wasn’t cool but now we sure miss it. She would go the extra mile to make sure that a topic got glued to our brains. She would buy fruits to teach us fractions, we learnt counting with our fingers and every single thing countable around. We learnt how to sew for our home economics practical, we practiced our music lessons before we had the class and even had to dance before any performance we had. My mum could teach even English language using her local dialect and of course the spanking helped to reset your brain when there was a lag or even speed up the absorption or reproduction of knowledge when necessary. She would buy colorful items just to teach us colors. So you had no excuse whatsoever not to make the best grade in school. The only subject you were excused to do badly after much effort was put was Fine arts. I could never draw anything properly, but Kudos to my mama lol. We turned out so well. Those memories are unforgettable and really I wish to do that too for my kids. Did I forget to add that she was a question bank manager ( not as a profession). She would go get past questions on all the subjects and even set new questions from our notebooks and textbooks. We had to answer most if not all of it before any examinations. Remember she wasn’t a housewife or stay-at-home mom. MY MOM IS MY BEST TEACHER!

My little encouragement to moms and future moms like myself is to first try to make out time no matter how tight your schedule maybe to share with your family. You will get to know your kids better. The memory will live on even when you are no more. That gift is priceless. To children I will say value every single time your parents make out to share with you and also when you are grown try to still be with them when you can. Remember nothing lasts forever  even life ends when we do not expect it to but memories last longer than material things so create as many good ones as you can. What memories have you left already?  DO MORE!

So who was that person that made school work easy for you? Or what is the sweet memory about school that still lives on ?  Feel free to share in the comments section.




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