Way of life

Fitting shoes


Each day people walk on the streets with different types of shoes. If we took a seat to observe their shoes while enjoying our cup of coffee we would see some we like and wish to own and also see those that would make us question the person’s sense of fashion or life situation. Truth be told; we do not know why they chose to wear such , we cannot even tell whether they have other options. We could even give suggestions of how best we think we could have styled the outfit if that was the only shoe we had or if we decided to pick the shoe for the day.

Most times that is how we deal with our lives and the lives of others. It is so easy to sit and analyze situations other people are in and by mouth we deal perfectly with the situation better than how the person in it is doing. There is a reason for why certain people act the way they do. Even if the reason makes no sense to you let them breathe because you are not perfect. You do not know how it feels to wear another person’s shoes except you try them on and your reaction maybe worse than that person’s if it feels too tight and sore or makes so much noise while walking in them, if they are too big.

Even when you admire a shoe and decide to get it, you get to the store and may become confused seeing more options that seem appealing. Thank God you have an option to pick yours and pick the right one, some people do not. At times we find ourselves in situations we never chose or would choose. It is easy to say I would have done this or done that. When you get to that point you now face the struggle of wanting to take back your words. {YOU CANNOT}.

I am not less guilty of this but since life is a learning process I hope too to get better at not being a Judge. So please friends let us decide to give people room to breathe. Let us stop saying or doing things that could make someone give up on life. If you are single do not judge someone whose marriage didn’t work out. Look! bad things could happen to anyone. Shoes could get tight and sore with no option to change them or you do not even know how to take them off without peeling off your skin. Embrace people with love and that might just be the change they need. Love is a listening ear, a wide smile, a hug, that small gesture that looks like its nothing.

Even the bible condemns it while letting us know we too would be judged same. The golden rule urges us to do to others what we want done to us. If you can know why things are so, then get to know but do that to assist, not to mock. If you can do none then leave them alone. You too could be a single mum, you too could suffer divorce, you too could do things the world condemns just to survive( this is no excuse to make crazy choices), you could be that person(male or female) in an abusive relationship, you too belong to a religion another person despises etc. Do not forget, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. People have their doses of pain, why should you give them an overdose!I feel it is here we can now say the heart matters. People make mistakes! I make mistakes and you too have made or will make mistakes. Do not be someone’s reason for giving up. Do not forget too that the end really matters so until you have seen the end keep your judgement to yourself. I encourage you to keep our head up for NO MAN HAS THE FINAL SAY IN YOUR LIFE. NO MAN IS PERFECT. Do-not-JudgeThis applies to our different governments. We sit and criticize a lot of things just like the people who now lead probably did, instead of preparing ourselves to do better when we get to be in the circumstances we find ourselves criticizing. I am not saying I am proud of their actions but I wonder at times why things still follow the trend even when new people take over. Instead of condemning and judging we could spend time finding the root cause of our problems and then get equipped to kill it and be sure we have buried it properly so it doesn’t return. We could do better seeking knowledge and getting well-informed about things so we avoid the mistakes of other people. Always remember you could be that person you have judged, or you could be better or even worse. Remember too that you cannot tell the end of someone or a situation (ONLY GOD CAN). We have so many HOW TO DO articles, people read,listen to or watch them but are they put to use? You have your shoes, get busy rocking them in the best ways that would make their prints indelible in the sands of time.

Stop judging and you wont be judged but if you are remember, they do not know your end and you can still surprise them. Some of us are not lawyers by profession but we do better than judges. Even if you are a lawyer by profession you have a case to face. Lol. It is better to love than to judge, love covers a multitude of sins.


‘Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches’

I am not perfect and God loves me, I love you just the way you are but God loves you most. Stay in peace.



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