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Recently I have noticed some videos trending on social media especially Facebook. People are becoming excited to earn social media fame just by using their cameras and putting up just anything to gain likes, shares and even comments. When there is a scenario, reflex just makes them look for their cameras. Should it always be the case?

The first question I ask myself when I stumble on these videos “What was the person behind the camera thinking”? Honestly you too could search online for these videos and see if they make any sense that you could share with me. Have we even lost touch with humanity so much while embracing technology that even when people fight we start a live video instantly or begin to record or take photographs? Are you not supposed to help make peace? If it’s risky for you to get involved shouldn’t you report to appropriate authorities? Even detectives do not just take pictures anyhow. Or are you creating a memory? Must everything be used as a joke? This craze has to end!

The prevailing videos have women in it. Two women mostly fighting about some guy who is resting or having fun somewhere. “Do fellow women also take these photos and videos”? I am so tired of seeing these videos and they definitely make me feel sad as a lady. Look, social media has positive and negative effects and I believe they were made from good hearts for great purposes. Why not use it for what is was made for instead of make it seem like the devil dropped a gift in the heart of man to ruin earth. With the speed of transformation going on now, we can’t say how easy it will be to control the young ones coming. I worry for future parents like myself.

I really wish people will think deep about the items they put up today on media platforms before putting them there. For those who take delight in sharing these crazy items while giving them some deceptive and seemingly captivating titles, I would say get a better job and stop promoting foolishness. Stop being fame crazy on social media! Would you be proud to see that item a few years from now? How would you react when your child does the same or replays that action even when you have guarded them from all evil with all your strength.

Most importantly, What moral lesson or wisdom are we trying to pass across by posting and even sharing these foolishness. If people could hide, report or even delete things that are inappropriate for the future generation it would be better. Do not even mention age barriers, children have access to almost anything on the internet these days too. Have you watched their TV shows or movies, you would understand my point? Even the language isn’t checked. Are we even thinking of these precious little ones?

I am tired of seeing women fight each other and get totally nude over some irrelevant issues. I am sick of seeing ladies destroy property because their feelings are hurt. I am a woman and I know there’s more greatness women show, so we could show more of those. Don’t ask why I am stressing on women! It is because most of these videos have women doing the crazy things. I just hope women do not share or like these posts.

Before you position the lens of your camera to capture something you seen highly captivating and social media worthy, remember that you are saving something to feed the lens in the eyes of your children or the young ones coming.model-956676_640

What kind of memory are you trying to live on. Adjust your lens; life has more beautiful things to capture and better memories to pass on.

We seem to make a difference, the young ones are not always going to stay small, their memories are the most photographic and the speed at which the lens in their eyes capture things is so so fast. You can testify!

I believe in a tomorrow. I believe what you and I do can have an effect on tomorrow. I believe tomorrow will be about sitting to look at the images I created yesterday. It would be easy to delete them now but remember you can’t delete it from a human being playing it out in future. Oops this turned out to be a rant. What do you think? I guess I have had enough.

Let’s love each other enough to share the best things with our young ones.



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