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Love For Tomorrow’s Sake

Sometimes we are faced with situations that make us wonder how we ought to really love. Love is a powerful word and it can also be weakened and abused. It is a word that has so much beauty when adorned with reciprocal actions. Our world is thirsty for true love. We lack love so much that we kill each other, see another as inferior, teach or persuade others to hate,think twice before we drop a coin in a beggars cup, etc.

But why should we love each other like we love ourselves. This is my why:

  • You cannot give what you do not have: If you love yourself you will see the need to love another. You will see the need to teach someone to love.
  • Love covers over a multitude of sins: We are human and definitely full of flaws. No matter how much you sing or say it your imperfections still creep in and love acts like the best concealer.
  • Love is the greatest commandment: This is for Christians and I believe every true religion believes in love. So loving one another means you are being obedient.
  • Love proves the existence of God: We have been told God is love and have heard of several things He has done just because of love.
  • Love never fails: Its an all round all time winner. Could this be the solution to most of our troubles, since we keep fighting and losing to fight again.

Isn’t that great? You get to do and gain so much just by loving. There are still so many reasons why we ought to love. Is it easy? NO! Can we do it? Yes we can. But how?

    • BE PATIENT AND PERSEVERE: This could be hard but we expect people to be patient with us at some point. So try being patient with another person. understand they are growing or need to grow and definitely would make mistakes. patience means you accept the imperfections of another. Perseverance is enduring those things and sticking together through thick and thin. Love isn’t easy!
    • BE KIND: Love like I said speaks louder when it is acted out. There are so many acts of kindness even when it feels weird and crazy.
    • PROTECT: Is it enough to protect ourselves and what we have alone? Wont it be great to protect the rights of people who share similar interests as we do? We could protect the weak and the rejected and those who cannot do that for themselves. By protection we do not need to attack we only defend. Wars and these killings are attacks and not defenses so it is not done out of love.
    • LET GO OF ENVY: Envy knocks on our doors when our eyes are fixed on someone else and our noses in other people’s businesses. We are always encouraged to be true to who we are and work hard to make it. Often we are told to leave what ever competitions we have gotten in just to feel better than another. Love doesn’t boast so why compete. Do your thing because you are UNIQUE. Love yourself just the way you are, strive to get better if you need to.
    • TRASH PRIDE: We all have that small healthy pride that helps us with self confidence but that pride doesn’t look down on another. I wonder if pride gave birth to racism. Love doesn’t care if you are black or white. No person is superior to the other just because of skin color,race, religion or sex. Remember you had no option to choose those for yourself. We are different and that makes us unique. That should be exciting enough because it means we wont be bored from being totally similar. Imagine what that world would be like. Pride they say goes before a fall. You would have gone far enough to just let pride throw you to the ground. Learn to respect, give hope and wish people well too. If we could just try this out certain sad experiences like the recent one in Charlottesville, Virginia and so many other places in the world would not happen.
  • BE TRUSTWORTHY: Like I mentioned earlier you cannot give what you do not have so be trust worthy and then try trusting another. Do not play with the trust of another person or people especially when you are a leader or role model.
  • BE TRUTHFUL and FORGIVING: Love loves truth and doesn’t hide it. When you hear the truth about something how do you react? If telling you the truth hurts then that is not a good thing. Letting go of the wrongs people do us is really peaceful and relieving. We don’t forget the experience but can learn from it and make amends. Not forgiving is the reason why some families are at war and the sad part is parents passed it to their children and generations are still passing.

Our world is falling into pieces because we are choosing specific people to love. We should try to avoid the mistakes our parents made but it seems we are doing worse. We are beginning to feed our children with hate and adulterated, partial and diluted forms of love. Why would there be killings in Churches and other religious places of worship if we respect other religions that are not ours? Is that not still pride making us feel our choice of religion is the best and so should dominate the earth. Some of us even stand in the way of people who love each other, getting married just because of cultural differences. We have reasons why a Hausa( tribe in Nigeria) should not marry an Ibo( another tribe in Nigeria). It is a taboo for an elite to deal with just an ordinary person except if they are being used for some lowlife purpose. I weep when two people of the same ethnic group but separated by geographical locations say they cannot be with each other. Who gave us right to put all these factions in a world we were born into by no choice of ours. If only babies could fill forms to make certain choices before they are born!

I am so sad because our mistakes are affecting the innocent children around us. They die because of our greed and selfishness. They die because we want to be the only cock crowing on earth. They die because we want to be in power for eternity doing wrong and refusing the truth. They die because we feel melanin determines success. They die because we push others down the ladder by all means just to get there and take the ladder away.


We are working so hard to make today better than tomorrow and to keep existing tomorrow as if we have death under our feet. The pain is deep and the only way out is if I can love you like myself and do it just like a child does even though imperfect, it is genuine. There is so much still left to pour out but words fail me now.



Divitias loves you.


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