Way of life

With You Always

Every step you go, I go

When you speak, I listen

I pick your words and build it

Do I need to be a programmer?


 In a way I am

I just make your words turn to actions

I make it look you in the eye

It could make you cry or smile


They are yours not mine

I make your sentences come alive

You almost forgot you even said it

I’m just your automated reminder


Free things do not really give you choices

Could be nice but also hard to chew

Don’t try to swallow your words

Just think well before you say anything again


I keep a log of your actions too

As the earth rotates, so do my works

Remember I’ll always exist and I come around

Of course just the way you go around


I’m keen and diligent

I give surprise services

I serve it ice-cold in winter

I serve smoking hot in summer


Remember what goes around comes around

I make that happen

I long existed so you can’t stop me

I’m possible don’t doubt that


People come, people go

Things change but I do not

I will stay the same forever

I always keep things real


I’m like your shadow

I just don’t wait till it gets dark

I function in and out of season

I am able to deliver no matter what


How do you want my next service?

Don’t worry I already know

Probably working on it

Be ready but hope it is good

Stay good then we will be friends


You can only be served to your satisfaction

If love leads and you always live wisely

I give justice and not wrong

Well, I just warned you.

I’d be with you always


I am with you always and everywhere


I’m just the messenger,I am Div.



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