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Wonders of Human Creation

My love for babies moves me to do a lot of things to get to know them better and as an aspiring pediatrician I need more than medical school to be the best. I decided to find out some unique things about them and hope that mothers or doctors or any one who has observed these great things about them will share their knowledge. These are the things I found out:

1. NO KNEE CAPS: Hold the thought! It doesn’t mean they have just flesh hanging there but they have cartilage instead of bones. This cartilage becomes bone at 6 months or when they start walking. This doesn’t show in an X-ray.

2. 300 BONES: That little being has more bones? Wow! So the 300 bones fuse as they grow and leave them with 206.

3. UNIQUE SKULL: Yes! The bones of a baby’s skull overlap during birth process to help the baby squeeze out. There is a soft squishy spot on the head called FONTANELLE.

4. BIRTHMARKS: They come in many forms and sizes. They are mostly stains develop due to dilation of blood vessels under the skin especially from labor. Certain birthmarks do not occur until days or weeks after birth.nature-2655496_640

5. LAUGHTER PROS: Babies laugh 300 times in a day on average while adults laugh only 60 times. How tough does life become that we can’t even laugh a lot. Yet we use the slang LOL a lot.

6. CRY BABY: Babies don’t shed tears! Wait so they just make sounds and I feel confused. Okay that’s because their tear ducts are not fully developed. Until about 3 weeks their eyes just produce enough moisture to keep their eyes healthy. Some kids don’t shed tears until 4-5 months.

7. TASTY TASTE-BUDS: With about 10,000 taste buds scattered around the mouth and tongue, babies can also taste the good food eaten by their mothers while in the womb. That is why mothers are advised to try new foods at the 3rd trimester which is when the buds show up and reduce as they grow.

8.MAGIC: Babies can swallow and breathe almost at the same time. Why did you try it? You’re no longer a baby. Lol. I tried it too. Though this is somewhat controversial, babies have an innate ability to suckle with a coordinated suck-swallow-breath pattern. So I will love to know from mothers or any professional how this works.

9. SHARED FEELINGS: The baby in the womb can sense and share it’s mother’s feelings. The kick is a sign it shares in your excitement.belly-1434852_640

10. STRETCHES: Babies also need to stretch and move in the womb just to relax. But if the mom moves around they just Netflix and chill. lol

11. LUBDUB: That’s just how your heart beats. A new born has twice an adult’s heart beat. It is an average of 130-160 beats per minute. They are small but mighty people!

12. JUST A CUP: With all they have going on a newborn has just a total blood volume equal to 1cup. This could be so till they are 7months.

13. FUNNY: I said funny because babies lactate since they receive some hormones from the mother during birth and some girls have a mini period (blood isn’t infected so if you see pus thee is an issue; seek help immediately).

I found these interesting and want to get live attestations to some. So if you see me look at your baby in a rather disturbing way please don’t be offended my curiosity just hit climax. I really feel they are so so lovely and indeed a gift. They just stole another piece of my heart but hey I still have space for adults.




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