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LETTING GO: Is There Ever A Right Way?

When death steals someone you love especially if they are young; the feeling is so hard to forget. People still say you need to let go or forget the past.

This was someone I shared lots with. We shared love, dreams, goals for life and so much more. How do you expect me to let go? I feel I will be letting them down instead! Just because death separated us physically doesn’t mean our hearts should be torn apart.

But hey it’s been so hard for me. I feel like letting go means giving up on all we had. How do I do that? I feel bad as it is that I feel the loss of one more than I do the other but wish they know somehow I loved and still love them.

Death, where is thy sting! I had this ink drawing my picture of life and you hit me so hard the ink spilled. The image before me doesn’t seem beautiful. I’ve tried to look at it with different eyes from different angles, still I see my tears are mixed up in pain and creating more blurred effects.

Well I have resolved to live the life we talked and dreamed about. Guess what, it’s hard without the one you planned with. Worst of all is that life situations daily remind you of their absence and how irreplaceable the ones you lost are.

The pain of loss kind of grips so firmly but the pain of letting go tears me so deep. You think I need help? I think LOVE never dies.

Time they say changes all things but each passing day stamps you deeper in my heart.

Am I just the only one who feels this way? Is it okay to say I’m human? Is this normal? Do I need help? Will I let go without feeling I love them less or have forgotten them?

I’m being eaten up by this. I wish my loved ones who are no more can see this. I still will ask, “Is it just me”? I only pray I don’t drown in this ocean. Maybe I’d find a hand to hold onto as we swim to shore or a life guard come to rescue us from the ocean our tears have made.

I’m sure we will be fine. I’m sure one day we will do it right. I’m sure our hearts will blossom once more to live and embrace new realities of life without disappointing anyone. I’m sure if they can see they will one day smile on us and feel they lived on!

Hold on tight! Help is on the way! We hear we should be consoled that they are in a place better than here. For real we still miss them being around.


Life is different without them. I wish they know!




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