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Knowledge Is Power!

So I just want to share some thing I wish I knew before I got into medical school.

Studying Medicine: You may wonder like how didn’t she know this! Well I’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician so I thought to my little self that just like my dad who is an optometrist went to school of optometry and my aunt and uncle who are doctors went to school of medicine, I too would go to school of pediatrics. LIE!

Reality struck when I was about to take entrance examination into university. I sat with the brochure that has a long list of universities and colleges and other forms of higher institutions but I didn’t find any school of pediatrics.

I said to myself,’Why can’t Nigeria just make life easier’? Well I started thinking of how I would tell my dad I wasn’t going to have to school abroad.

After few days and nights of deep thought I decided to be brave and call him. Since phones were not allowed in my secondary school, I had to call home using a teacher’s phone.

I finally did call my dad and I told him there was no school of pediatrics in Nigeria. He was quiet and probably confused. Then he asked what I needed it for and I narrated my seeming predicament. He laughed so hard and yelled,’My friend don’t scare me’! I was even more confused and he said,’ You have to go to medical school first then after you become a pediatrician”. Well we ended our conversation with him suggesting schools and then I made a choice.

But in my head I thought,’this wasn’t the plan’. It felt like my belly rumbled each time I thought of spending 6 years in medical school before my dream would be close to being real. Thinking of doing it in Nigeria killed me because of the uncertainty of when you would graduate.

Hey! If I had another option I would take something else but I can’t read books without pictures, so I stuck with what I love and encouraged myself with the thought that nothing good comes easy.

Well if you think that excuse is lame let me know in the comments what course has texts with real life looking pictures. Please don’t say fine arts. Here is why.

Yea! I always said and wanted to be a pediatrician but the thing is I didn’t know  much before I began this adventure. I’m gradually learning in the process but I wish I knew better. As they say knowledge is power!

To all the young ones out there still trying to choose a career. Follow your passion and do your research. Don’t be like me! I feel it would have been a lot easier if I knew better than I did.

So finding myself in medical school with little or no knowledge of what to expect or do there was  just part of the story because I didn’t even know what it would be like being in university generally.

But I’m a survivor. I just don’t wish the younger ones would be like me and I wish my seniors even dropped some hint. They would only say, “Don’t worry you will be there someday”. Well I am today and won’t tell you the same thing.


Knowledge really is power so please get well-informed before you set out to do anything. It’s okay to take risks but having knowledge about the risk makes you have a smarter approach to facing it.

Stay informed.



10 thoughts on “Knowledge Is Power!”

  1. Thanks hey but to strategize you need information.. All I’m saying is having no knowledge or shallow knowledge of something makes it tougher to take risks and even do well


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