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Make Your Own!

So if your parents are rich, does that mean you are rich?

So if your partner is rich,does that mean you are rich?

I wasn’t born into abundance of wealth but my grandma always encouraged us to strive to be better than our parents. At that time we didn’t really understand. For me I would at times sit and think about my friends who were showcasing the wealthy background they came from. As I grew I realized that really wealth is a temporary thing.

Cases arise where the bread-winner of the family dies and other members of the family forcefully claim this wealth leaving the immediate family to struggle. This happens in cases where the family’s wealth came from one source.You may ask what of the will, well at times you don’t get to hear it being read or there may be some manipulation of some sort and you lose it all.What about in life? What if the source of your wealth goes in a fire or you lose that job or get sick and cannot function well to continue amassing more wealth?

This has left so many families devastated and my heart really goes out to those who can relate to this but let me make my point.

Having witnessed most of these scenarios above I now understand not only my grandmother but also the proverb that says,’ You can always give a child fish or teach them how to fish’.

Some children grow up believing that what their parents own also is theirs so they at times become lazy and unwilling to work for anything. They become somewhat wayward believing they will keep getting all they need.Some even resort to violence in their own homes and environs. Do they even think of tomorrow? Don’t they hear of these stories or they just don’t believe they happen? Have they forgotten KARMA?I know some parents just let their kids get away with this while others struggle to teach them to fish but all to no avail and this has robbed families of joy and peace.

I wonder if they don’t think of having their own children. What will their children say belongs(ed) to them as parents? Where is the pride or prestige they would have by calling something they worked for their own?

This situation too affects women who just sit at feel they will or are married to someone who is rich enough to care for them. Oh no! Sister if you read this think again!

I always say I would get a legal agreement before marriage concerning my career. Did you laugh? Well I am serious because some women before marriage have been told it’s okay to pursue your career but when the man gets to his height or attains a goal he forbids her from working. So that is when my legal agreement will be valid. Lol. I’m not praying for that but hey change is constant.

At times people like me who were born into homes that could meet their needs but not into a gold mine also sit and blame their parents for being poor. That is folly to its height.

All I am driving at here is that I feel it’s time we stop making excuses for being lazy and started pushing to work for things we too can call ours. Remember that nothing lasts for ever but if you have talent, technique and skill you can start again. You won’t be the first to do this so stop thing it’s impossible. I know it’s hard to start when you’ve lost all but I pray you will gain more when you start.

Parents please stop putting it in the heads of your children that you are rich and so are they. Let them know they have an identity too. That my mum is a teacher doesn’t automatically make me a teacher; but shows that I too can be something in life if I do something. For us children it’s time to grow past the my parents are rich syndrome and start doing something that will make people call us who we are. Stop waiting to inherit another person’s sweat. What will your own children say about you?

Well I’m speaking from a Nigerian perspective but if you’re not Nigerian and can relate then I can call this a global issue. So friends we see a lot of people making it in so many areas all we need do is to first find the area we belong, work on it and be open to all opportunities regardless. You never know where your treasure lies. Just do something you can call your own.

money-2696229_640 It is never too late to make your own just start with one step at a time.

Shout out to those striving to be better than their parents. Whatever your story is, you deserve a pat on your back. Keep striving and let the hustle pay!




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