Way of life

Sweet turned Sour

How easy it is for people who once dined and wined together to fall apart like they never knew themselves.

In their hearts I wonder if they really can live with themselves especially when they still stay in a place they meet themselves every now and then. That would be hard for me. I really would feel bad but do I know their reasons for doing so?

First I should not judge because I may even do worse but the me who loves to live in peace with all men even when they hurt my feelings may do differently. I just feel you don’t need to be close but can still say hi. You don’t need to talk bad about the person but cherish the times you had to share their life.

Life indeed is so short and we can but  live with nothing to regret even though that too is a hustle, thanks to imperfections. Death isn’t planned and that reconciliation may be the best thing you could have done.

Well don’t kill me for saying reconcile. Reconciling doesn’t necessarily restore the trust and amicable relationship but for the sake of peace and for your own heart, it is wiser to forgive the person and also reflect to see the part you played in making it go south.

Don’t fail to live as though it were your last because it really could be. Let forgiveness bring you peace and if you cannot forget it… It’s okay just be happy!





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