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My Letter to Tomorrow

Dear Tomorrow,

How are you? I really want to know. Well I decided to write you this letter just to pour out how I feel about you.

Let me start by telling you that you occupy my mind almost every second. I think of you so much that I lose sleep and appetite. Sometimes I breathe and sleep well when I assume you (tomorrow) will wake up from your right side and be nice.

You make my night seem so long at times even though you arrive sooner than I want you to other times . Do you know you make me cry and get so nervous but also make me smile so hard in my sleep when I can’t wait to see you.

I’m still a student so could that be why you appear scary to me? Well when you arrive and are about to leave I just look back and say I survived but that credit goes to the day called Today.

So I’m on my bed now thinking of you and how you may treat me. Should I blame you or blame the one who takes over from you?

I have school tomorrow, tried to prepare something but I’m nauseous now. Is it you or the teacher or the topic that is my fear ? I wonder also what will be of me after my hard work and past experiences of not getting the result I wish for. Does that have to do with my confidence or is it medical school trauma? I’m a blogger too trying to think of content and growing my readership. There’s so much on my plate and I want to add more! Goodness!

There’s so much I fear about you. I’m so uncertain, I fear the disappointments.I fear I’d work so hard and not get the result I expect, I fear so many things. I can’t keep listing. And you have this deal with Karma my next terror!

I don’t know if I should blame you or the guy you change shifts with but I  still feel it is you even though you try to change your name. I feel it in my spirit!  Well, I wish to ask, ‘How do I get to like and trust you more’? Wait can I? Will you be nice from today? Did I just establish some form of friendship with you?

I’m sorry if I have laid wrong accusations on you and not trusted you enough. Writing to you makes me feel better. I know your response would be acted and I’m looking forward to it.

Oh! I’m not panicking I’m feeling sleepy already. I feel peace inside and I hope this stays.

I wouldn’t wish not to see you cos that’s death. So I look forward to seeing what you have to unfold and  I hope it’s beautiful.

Be good!

Yours till death do us part,




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