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The Street Situation!

So I have been sitting at this spot for some minutes now and still in search of one lifestyle topic to share with you but I still can’t fund any that seems continuous. I start looking around. I mean around in my head and it seems I have a load to unpack just to find that right thought to share with you.

Well I just have to keep scribbling and unpacking my thoughts and I might just find something.

Will I? What if I don’t? There is so much in life to talk about but it seems all has been said. A little thought about kids always pops in and either lights up my mind or tears my heart.

Okay, so I will just share something that bothers me a lot. That is seeing ladies or mothers on the streets with fragile babies begging for money. Okay that hurts me so much and because I shouldn’t judge then I will try to figure out why they do that. Grab a drink this might be long.

Well sometimes pregnancy is unplanned and kudos to them for keeping the child. Now the child is born but no means to care for the baby. So many thoughts come to mind.

First, is she a single mum? Does she really not have any other way to earn a living for her and this baby? Is this her first baby? What was she thinking of doing to survive with her baby when she was still pregnant? Does the baby have a known father? Isn’t he ready to care for it? What is he doing or where is he? If this baby had a choice will he/she want to be a part of this?


Really the questions are so many. What hurts me isn’t the fact that they are begging to probably survive but do they have to carry the baby with them? Maybe they can’t find help to look after the baby. Don’t they have skills? I know times are hard and a lot of countries are facing one problem or the other. How do we now spot those who need genuine help from the fake. It hurts because at times my conscience bothers me as if I just did something inhuman. Same goes for the aged ones too. How did they get to where they are now? is there no way out?

Some of them have been offered jobs and they turn them down. Others take the job and then do things to harm their employers. Do they just prefer this life?

Would this be a case of child abuse or exploitation? People’s hearts melt with pity when these helpless babies are stretched to you with a series of lamentations. Some even point to their bellies saying they need to feed the baby they are carrying. Sad.

This child can’t even say if he or she wants to be on the streets. They just grow up adopting this lifestyle and some resort to harmful and dubious ways to make you give them money.

On my way back from school one day this little girl came to me for money. Her face is familiar and I just gave her some money. A few steps away she comes to me and I remind her I gave her something already. She tries to grab my bag but I held on tight. She pretended to walk away only to hit me on the side so hard and attempt again to take my bag. So I tried to run after her and she ran off. I felt sore at heart because I know she wasn’t born that way and probably has seen someone older try that.

I also met another really pretty girl who told me she wasn’t proud to ask for money from people. She said she was trying to save up some money so she would escape and get some education for herself. I asked her where her parents were and she pointed at her mother who was on the other end with her siblings getting busy. She pointed to her father who sat some where in the company of other men drinking and eating. She said he would collect all the money they make for the day and waste it drinking with his friends.

My point now is should we be moved to keep giving them money or should some measures be put up to end this because they increase by the day in areas where business seems to boom? I hope and pray these children grow up to make a positive difference. It is my prayer also that they realize like the second girl I met, that life has more beautiful things and with determination they can be great. I hope they find help and not abuse it.


Let me know if you have this issue in your areas and what you think about this issue? Let me know about other situations on the streets in your areea in the comment section.




10 thoughts on “The Street Situation!”

  1. It is sad to see children on the street like that. Where I live we have adults standing on the corners holding signs asking for money. These adults can get a job but will not because they admit that they make more money standing on the corner.

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