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Outdoor habits to quit in 2017.

As the year comes to an end and just before the holidays begin… I wish to remind you of some important things you need to add to your resolution and really do or stop doing! I will point out some habits that may be pleasurable to you but is deadly to you and others around you!

Why should you do it, when is harmful to your health or inconveniences others?

1. Spitting in the street: As disgusting as this sounds it has slowly become a lifestyle for so many. You fail to realize that you just create a medium for disease transmission. Well, not accusing you of having a disease but you could be a carrier of one. Plus where did you trash your decency and how do you feel when you walking and almost stepping on a mini puddle of mucus? Think again!

2. Smoking: Omg! In some places it’s like a community habit and you just force people like me to become secondary smokers. If you are not scared of cancer and the tons of diseases you can get by being a smoker, then at least don’t burn up for conscience and make others suffer for not even smoking but just having you exist in their midst!

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3. Using Headphones/ Earpiece: whether infrared or Bluetooth you need to pay attention whilst walking or driving. Some people listen to music so loud that passers-by even hear the songs Ghent are playing. For the love of your ears it’s so wrong. Well if the pleasure is better than your ears, and your life then continue. Remember your ear helps you hear and balance. Some don’t even hear the screeching of the car brakes in front of them but get offended at the driver for not seeing them. It might even cost you your life.

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4.Litter: I know some places don’t have roadside bins. But you came out from a house with a bin and decided to just dump that thing on the road. More people do the same into a gutter and then it clogs, you experience flood and blame your government. Well for places with good maintenance culture you escape that but think of that person who always clears your mess. People say,”If I don’t do it then they’d have no job “. Wow! Think of that job as yours and how you’d swear each time you do it! This is also for those who walk their pets. How do you feel walking and trying to escape a puddle of faeces made by another person’s pet? I feel worse because I don’t have one and I feel you should have a plan on how to prevent the air pollution you create asides the traffic obstruction. Thanks for the manure for the trees but no thanks!

5. Urinating: Speaking of air pollution. To all those who feel relieved after urinating just anywhere. Especially men!! Our noses suffer from the stench you leave after your relieve and we are tired. Plus stop creating airborne routes for diseases.

6. Texting/Social media update: How did I almost forget this! The way we young people have gotten too addicted to sharing every second of our lives on social media is not cool for the road. Trying to reply a text quickly, chat, or even create stories for Snapchat and Instagram is BAD. Be patient enough to get to a safe  place and then enjoy yourself. Don’t end your life trying to keep up with media. Keep yourself safe and take that selfie later!

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There is so much more to be addressed. I feel we should try to personalize the consequences of our actions and not wait for laws to be passed. Even when there are laws are the enforced? For effective enforcement of those laws we should take a cue from England where you pay for letting your pet create a mess. And people get rewarded for reporting. Like getting paid for snitching lol. But I feel its great.

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As  we get set for the new year lets leave these habits behind and move on to making our lives and our world better. Also let us connect better on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

So share this post till every one feels guilty. And I hope we start doing it right. Think of your child walking and playing on the street, in the park, and other open places. Think of that newborn you take out even in that pram they still can be affected by the air being polluted. Think of their health and yours too.

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.

I may be away and far but I still love you…



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