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Time Wasting Syndrome

Do you wake up early to start your day and hope to accomplish a lot on your to-do list and before you look at your clock again the time is gone with you achieving not up to a quarter of your goals for the day? Especially before an exam or a test for students, it feels like the time just races but when the class is boring it stays just where it is! Is time boring or is anxiety a hare?

Well these are ways we lose track of time and end up wasting the day!

1. Online: “oh! I just need to quickly check something on the net”! There you go as 5 minutes become 30 and more. At times we may not find exactly what we want and so we keep surfing or we find something interesting that keeps us on lock down! Break free brethren! Or leave surfing for when a better part of your strength has been put to use somewhere else efficient.

Person, Surfing, Internet, Tablet, Couch

2. Social Media: Most of us when we wake up by reflex we stretch for our phones before we open our eyes fully. So at the back of our minds we just want to reply messages and get started for the day. Then somehow we are stuck watching others live their lives. I don’t mean that it’s wrong to keep up with social media but have a limit! Don’t waste time criticizing or enjoying the view of others lives while yours is still in bed! For some it’s a source of income, if it’s not yours get up and get out!


Everyday, Routine, Tv, Watching Tv

3. Series: Did you watch Game of thrones, Power, Empire, etc. You know what I mean! Just one episode and you are stuck! TV shows also have this magnetic effect. You don’t want to stop watching Ellen DeGeneres who is making her dream come true but you won’t get inspired to work as hard as she is doing! Have time for these things but don’t let them stand in the way! When you’re done for the day and free before bed, then!

Sleeping, Pool Table, Thailand, Vacation, Lying, Relax

4.Sleep: People have a gift of sleeping a whole day and not hearing a sound. YEAH? It happens! I often wonder if it’s stress or laziness or depression. Tell me please? How can you sleep your life away and wake up to cry about life being hard! If it was hard enough you’d be up and about! Again there’s time for everything. It’s okay to dream but no one has slept all day and become great!

People, Reading, Book, Bed, Room

5.Books: Before you kill me, I don’t mean educational materials for students. I mean extracurricular books(novels, comics,etc). It’s very beneficial to read books but please do it when the schedule is free. Maybe while taking coffee, at break or before a nap. It’s great but don’t let it ruin things. It’s not so wise to dump school books because you’re addicted to novels and still claim you read a lot. Your grades and skills will speak for you.

I don’t want to keep listing things because I feel just anything could waste your time and after having that fun time you stay anxious, panic, get depressed, lament and cry about life being unfair. You cannot keep doing the same things and expect to get a different result. As this year ends please reflect deeply and select the things that eat into your time and make better use of your time. Self discipline is a step to handling more responsibilities in a better way.

Make every second count and be accountable for your time spent on earth especially as we begin this new year.


Best Wishes Always,



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