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My Belief is my Choice.

Before I calm down and let this go… I feel its high time I put this out…

Oh yea! Christian Evangelists please I have had it with you guys on Facebook, and even in person.

Why do you feel that the best way to converting me from Catholicism is by telling me I’m an idol worshiper and I am a lost soul who believes in Mary…

So this young man who provoked this post met me and requested for a minute to tell me about Jesus. Being a polite person I waited and he started as others do. Then the question came,’Are you orthodox’? I said no and he said he would have talked about the cross then he asked if I am Catholic and I said yes… Just then he felt he had found a soul to win and started telling me I worship Mary and that he was sorry to say I don’t know Christ. The Jesus in me held my mouth and I smiled and he asked if I had any questions… Simply I thanked him and walked away.

Look! This is for all Christians especially Nigerians! This self-righteousness has not taken us anywhere. This church contest hasn’t made us a better country. I’m sorry to disappoint you but you won’t be the first to start condemning the Catholic church. Even the man who started your church tried and I don’t think he succeeded because we are still having New parishes. This is a church that can be traced back to Jesus and I dare you to trace yours back to Jesus and not to his call answered by the founder of your church.

So have we suddenly lost the respect for each others rights? Why haven’t you sat to think about the fact that you don’t see a Catholic come to you saying you are a fallen brother or sister. Because in actual sense you are a branch of a branch of this church…

As a Catholic I enjoy so much the fellowship and the ways the church encourages us to draw closer to God. If you don’t know we pray for you which is a wiser choice than confronting your choice of church. If your choice of leaving the Catholic church is better why have you not stayed in one church since?

Look its high time we Christians understand that Christianity is a religion guided by the teachings in the bible which should serve as a guide to living right. Still Some things are a mystery and only God can explain.

So the best way to speak to someone about Jesus is by living like He asks. The moment you start telling me I’m a lost soul you have judged me and oh Child of God that’s wrong!

The fact that I have remained Catholic is because I love the organization of the church and just like you don’t understand why I do certain things as Catholic I too don’t understand why you do somethings too.

Let’s learn to respect each other and pray more for one another. Telling me to seek for a personal fellowship with God by studying and trying to live out His word. Encourage me to pray but how I choose to pray shouldn’t be your worry. Just like you have Jesus so does your pastor and the anointing is one so stop asking your pastor to lay hands on you or pray for you.

Stop feeling you are a better Christian. Only God has the right standard and I bet you His justice will be a shock. God still wakes us all each time by his mercy and love. He doesn’t do it by church and level of holiness. No man is perfect.

It’s only God that can win over the heart of man. Do you think Saul wasn’t preached to and his ways condemned but in God’s time he became Paul, a man most people look up to and in most of his books he talks about praying for one another… this attitude has created so much chaos and made many atheists today.

Respect each man’s choice of belief and pray more for them and yourself to be in right standings with God.

Heaven will be a sure surprise if Jesus could take the thief in his dying moment.

I’m Catholic and proud. I serve the same God you do and have just a different mode of reaching out to Him. I respect the way you do yours, so respect mine. Catholic doctrines were not put together by lunatics. The utmost goal of life is to live right and do to others as you would want be done to you.

I haven’t lost my mind.

I’m DIV (treasured by God)


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