Way of life

Through it all, I Stand!

Like a book I’ve been judged several times by my cover…

Like a series I’ve just been judged based on one episode..

I’m not perfect..

I’m incomplete…

But I’m enough!

I have fought battles and won..

I have scars to show for it…

If you don’t come close and look well you won’t see..

I have given myself wholeheartedly..

Only to be left in pieces….

I have battled with confidence …

It comes and goes but I know it’s still there….

I have failed, fallen and been bruised…

But I still stand….

Yet you judge from so far…

Your words made me cry…

But I forgive you for you don’t know me…

But I’m mad at you for now wanting to know before casting the stone…

I’ve struggled with managing my look…

Because you made me feel ugly….

I did so much to please you but you never looked my way….

Did you know like other women I suffered hormonal imbalance?

You didn’t care!

Did you know I grew with little tumors I had to hide underneath my dresses?

Oh how does that even bother You!

Did you know I had to overcome my fear and get surgery?

Did you say really?

I did that and now I’m proud I won those and so much more!

Thank you for being my motivation..

I’ve realized no one will love me if I don’t love me for me…

I appreciate myself for showing so much strength…

I define beauty and look younger …

No need for make up!

Look just like you have your own stories…

Just like you want someone to know before they strike you…

Get to know another person’s story before you show off your perfect life….

I didn’t commit suicide ..

You don’t know whom your words may push to death…

Once said can’t be taken back….

Think before you speak!


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