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Save more

Hey student!

Do you know you could save more money if you stopped doing certain things. Do you know being honest with your self is one step? Now before you  make a purchase ask your self these questions?

1. Is it worth it?

2. Do I need it now or do I see it as a necessity for the future?

If no is the answer to these to questions then quietly walk away from the place and no one will beat You!

Here are ways you may be needing to check so you can get some money back in your wallet.

ACCOMMODATION: I know some schools provide hostel accommodation and most times students complain it’s not good enough and it lacks privacy. If it’s cheaper and manageable then I feel you could stay. After all it’s just for a period of time and you’d be out. Plus it could be a source of motivation to always want to get out and do your school work. Being too comfortable could make you lazy.

HOUSE RENTS AND BILLS: So if all isn’t cool in the hostel you can move out. BUT! Factor in some issues before you choose an apartment for yourself. Don’t go for the look but go for comfort. I mean if you want to rent it because it’s fine and your friends will like it or your pictures will look great, then it’s wrong. Try to go for a house that doesn’t cost more than your hostel accommodation, if it should then not so much more. Look for a place that has basic amenities you need in a house and be conscious of bills. So don’t waste water, turn on the stove unnecessarily and leave your lights on. Be more conservative.

DECORATION: Well, this is more for ladies. If you won’t be permanently staying there then there is no need to get too comfortable with items you will not leave with. It’s wonderful to have certain cooking ware and appliances but if you can do without them then fine. You don’t need to buy things like TV sets with big speakers and all when you’d need to sell them on graduation and may lose some money if you don’t get a good deal. Make do with your phone, tablet and laptop. You don’t need to set up a mini makeup studio in your house if it’s not your job. Get the basics. For Guys you don’t need the gaming sets when they’d also distract you from school work. Save some money and play the game later.

FASHION: You don’t need to wear the latest and exact outfit as a vogue model, to look good. Remember models get paid to wear and take photos for brands. Make use of times when stores are on sale and get quality items at good bargain. Don’t be in a rush to grow up and be all fancy. Pace yourself. I mean don’t start wearing something that cost you a fortune when it’s not your money but when you start earning money you can’t afford those things. Start from the ground and by the time you get to the age where those things could determine how you are addressed, you’d fit in. Being all fancy may attract the wrong crowd to you. So be it make up, perfumes and other clothing accessories, buy if necessary and if you have NEED for. Most times we buy things and have no use for them. That’s a waste!

TRANSPORTATION: Choose the cheaper option. This may require waking up early or being at the station early. Well if you want to save money then do some adjustments. If you’d be late then choose a faster one but don’t make it a habit. Consider this too when choosing your accommodation which should be near to school.

FOOD: I feel cooking for yourself saves more money. If you have a fridge then at your spare time cook a rather large amount and preserve. If you cannot cook this should drive you to learn. You don’t need to eat out all the time. Pizza can make you go broke. Lol. Let eating out be something special done once in a while. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. Foods in season are cheaper so get those. Shop in bulk but not more than you need. Look out for sales.

STATIONERY: Most times the excitement to be a better student moves us to buy things we feel will make that dream come true and most times too we don’t need them and may not use them. Don’t buy stationery because they look fine. Walk away from the shelf!

NATURAL HAIR: Black girls like me spend a fortune on hair care. Get what you need. Look most You-tubers get the products free for review sake and you run for just any product used by them. Build a regimen and explore local products. They are cheaper and do the work too. Guys will be laughing here but they too spend money, getting haircuts at fancy prices just because the barber’s shop looks great and the big boys go there. Back to Naturalistas! Look at the content of products and spot what is good and bad for your hair then when shopping at your local stores check out products that have the good stuff and use that. Expensive doesn’t mean Effective!

Having listed all that I’d love to add,



LEARN TO GO OUT WITHOUT YOUR CARD AND JUST ENOUGH MONEY FOR WHAT YOU NEED. (When you look at your wallet or purse you’d know what you stand to lose by getting anything out of your list).

Be mindful also of loans and donations. If it’s convenient do but if you’d be stranded then please say NO.

So these are ways I feel could save more money. Please point out more ways on how we can stop wasting money and save more. I’d love to read your comments.

Hope you learnt one thing.



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