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Celebrating Women!!!

I can’t believe I’m already able to call this day my day too. I feel I am woman at last. Well I’m still a learning woman. In times past I’ve had some little reflection about being a woman and then I realize that its been a blessing. The pains that come with it make me see the gold in myself and in other women. We have been fighting to get equal with men but I feel doing more and getting to places where they don’t think we can and doing well there isn’t just a shock to them but makes them add some respect to us.

In the quest for feminism so many of us women have lost touch with what it really means to be a feminist. I personally don’t know. I feel first that I’m a human being and my gender shouldn’t be seen as one of the world’s standards for segregation. We’re head strong fighting the men and the world but we forget each other. As women we are blessed to bring forth life and this should be what we do to the world. Add life!

It’s time for us to unite and bring each other up so that we really can be seen as a blend. It’s hard to destroy a bunch than a strand.

It’s sad that when a woman shares her experience more women fight her. Why not save her then know if she needs commendation or correction.

I watch videos of women being abused and stripped on the street while others stand by and look with folded arms. Some probably adding fire to the already burning one.

I want to say thank You to any woman who has helped another and encourage more of this. To the woman being helped do not see it as a show off but as genuine step to help you get better and help someone else.

Whatever we do we should think of the effect this has on our children not just about how we feel. We should strive to do more things that will live after we cease to be.

We are strong. We need to be one! We can do more. Our world looks up to us and we cannot bring in young ones but have no good example to show them.

If we need to be true feminists then we need to act out our strength and then our voices will scream louder. This day is celebrated all over the world not minding race or skin color or job type or societal class or hair texture type or status of any kind. Bearing this in mind, we as women should strive to end the segregation we humans have created in our world today, making it difficult for some of us especially the children to embrace who they are, probably because world standards have made them feel low because of some category they find themselves in by default.

Growing up, I recall so many other women who have had great influence in my life. I am grateful to them all and this day is for them. Most especially my MOM and Sisters.

Have a great day and remember you are first a human being before a WOMAN.

Cheers to my female readers! We sure do run the world. The video below is to make you feel good and remind yourself of how valuable you are.

Love always,




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