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So I finally saw the movie Black Panther and I must say it’s worth the hype. Most of us black people are making so much noise about it but not realizing its rich content is to drive us a people and as a race to do a rethink and retrace of our steps. I’d love to share some of the things I learnt.

The people of Wakanda had vibranium and refused to sell it but used it to make so many wonderful things for their own good. In Africa we have been blessed with the purest forms of so many natural and mineral resources but unfortunately we have abused this gift. We sell them for gains that really do not benefit us in the long run. If you look at the benefits we get, they are mostly a gain to one and a ruin to so many others. For instance in Nigeria we have crude oil yet we suffer fuel scarcity and oil spillage that kills our seafood and pollutes the environment but people with the oil wells have growing pockets.

We have a lot of abandoned sons who hurt and may not know the real truth behind the story they’ve heard or been made to believe about home but seek revenge for the wrongs done to them. For instance, people whose parents had to run from home for political and other reasons. Their eyes have been blinded by pain and they feel so sore, they hate so bad. If only we can make them see that home is beautiful and our arms will welcome them and they can offer the good knowledge they’ve gotten,we would get better. First we need to apologize to them and I hope they have a rethink.

We have people who have gone to lengths to gather knowledge but are scared to come home because they see no space or chance to thrive. The rich want to stay rich and the poor feel all is lost. Some are okay managing the crumbs from the masters tables but it’s not enough. We need new and young leaders. We may be afraid of their abilities but Tchala chose to rewrite the wrongs of his ancestors which should be our aim as young leaders. We should walk away from the wrongs our past leaders did and start afresh.

Don’t get carried away by ideas from the western world. The ideas sound so nice that most of us forgot our roots and who we are just to want to get as advanced as they are. But like medicine that will make you feel better, there are also side effects. And the side effects are already seen in our world. There are new cases of terrorism and gun violence from an idea that was meant to protect people. Processed foods are causing more harm than good yet we choose to neglect raw and good food our ancestors ate and lived long.


Together we can win any battle. If we choose to put all our gifted minds together to tackle our issues and not underrate but use our resources for our growth and to empower ourselves first, then we can get back all we lost ranging from our identity, integrity and pride. It’s never too late for a new beginning. It’s time to come back together from wherever we are to give our two cents to make Africa what it should be. Never embrace violence.

Until we remember who we are and stand up for it. Until we make the world see the quality we possess they’d still have the picture of slavery and nothingness attached to us.  Until we don’t feel ashamed to be called by our tribal names and speak with our own accents, we will always be seen as mindless and mere followers. Until we feel proud to tell our children about our identity and rich heritage, they will be no end to racism and rejection we face. But then if we get back our Africa, if we live being proud of where we come from and we choose not to belittle Africa as a country, it is a continent and we come from many countries that make Africa great. Then  we can smile at them who know not what we have and offer what we want, only for a sole Good!

I am Nigerian

Nigeria is in Africa

My Tribal name is Kelechi Uduak

I still am Div.


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