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My Reply to Mr President!

Have you ever visited Lagos and needed to use your alarm clock?

If your answer is yes then you must have a unique story.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nigerians are angry!

It may seem as though our president was not trending because of the Bbnaija show and he decided to call us lazy just to regain his position on social media since we do not see him as a competent No 1.

But why call us lazy when you deceived most of us and have tripled our fruitless hustle. You made life so difficult and yet you call us lazy?

What can you say you have done for us youths that is so significant and as such would give you the conscience to call us so.

I remember tweets from the presidency congratulating several young Nigerians for making the country proud. So laziness wins awards?

If you can call us lazy, there’s no need to defend it with words when you know the proof stares you in the face every second. Have you been stuck in traffic before? Who do you see most there? Oh I forgot you can never be in traffic when you blast our ears with your sirens exposing us to noise pollution and how your lazy young security, aides and drivers cause scenes and even treat us badly so you can pass. Yet you sit in silence and enjoy the ride on bumpy roads at top speed not minding the condition of the cars because of course our dues would be used to replace them.

I blame us young ones for trusting you the old to be fathers to lead us to better places. We pay our dues in full daily even when you sleep. Yet you occupy places where even sleep is rewarded after. Most of us cannot work 9/5 in peace and come home to a good pay at the end because you have crippled our national pocket. Most of us are now self-employed and yet we still bring home the accolades. Check YouTubers and other bloggers who still stand out when you cannot even provide good and affordable internet services for them. Can laziness stand all these? I won’t even take to the business sector because you won’t breathe.

After letting us down for years, the best remedy you have is to call us lazy. Who lay down their lives not only during elections but defending and trying to restore peace in a land you sit with your arms folded as you watch us die yet you do nothing. Do you even sleep at night?

We fell for your lies when you told us you’d improve our lives. Yet we can barely stay in school. Not only has quality of education reduced, but you the old and powerful have ripped us all of the benefits as you deprive hardworking youths of salaries, hence the strikes and then you increase school fees and send us out as you have made our green grass on the coat of arms turn to rock.

You don’t even think of our health challenges that’s why you travel out to get yours checked. You know how many people die due to the failed health system, yet you and yours enjoy quality care outside.

What else would cause youths to flock to Libya and get the treatment they got, if not the quest to make life better. Wait! You really see us as lazy that’s why you don’t do anything when we are abducted in numbers?

I would say thank you for this because unknown to you, you have intensified our thirst to take over.

Dear Nigerians,

It’s obvious this is time to take over every sector. Yes just like the entertainers are doing we need to spread to government, health, education and overthrow the incompetent. We fight so hard to make them look good and yet they call us lazy. Have you gotten your PVCs? If only it’s also possible for the youths in diaspora to vote. We pay our dues in the military, in the hospitals, in banks, in schools, on the street, in construction sites, in security agencies, even during elections. Our dues come in cash and kind. Instead of being commended and helped to fully bloom we are called lazy.


Words are hard to pour out now. But let this serve as a call to action. That’s our best revenge. Putting people where the belong. It’s almost time for another election, keep your lazy self away from being used to promote violence and put another wrong person in power. Save your strength for positions that would make you and yours have a better Nigeria. Let not your lazy hands spill blood. You just might be called something worse later. Now I understand the promise of change wasn’t to be fulfilled by them but thanks to them for messing things so much to remove the blind fold from our eyes to enforce a change of what looks like the norm. They’ve provoked it so let’s make the change.

We can and I believe we will. Now all we need is….



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Your fellow ‘lazy’ Nigerian



4 thoughts on “My Reply to Mr President!”

  1. PVC is key…. I hope it counts for real… if only those in diaspora could vote… well we have wishes and hope we win this time …. thanks for the support


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