Way of life

Thoughts at 25

It’s so quiet

I feel my thoughts have feet so large that the steps bang loud

My head hurts

My heart is weary

Can my mind calm down

Can this race end?

I hear words from the steps

It’s my worries

It’s me knowing I have a ton to do

But not feeling like a bone can move

It’s pressure

25 is upon me.

What have I gained?

What have I achieved?

How far and how well have I come?

I know you just say I shouldn’t do this

But look its called self evaluation.

Yet my mind won’t let me celebrate my victories

There must be so much it has to burst out

Stop! Breathe! Deeper!

I couldn’t do that

I’m chasing my thoughts

It’s faster

I might explode

This isn’t for the rhymes

I’m listening to soft music

Oh how I crave love

Unconditional and priceless.

Did I lock myself up so bad?

It’s that why I’m sad?

Now the words rhyme

I wish my lil sis could sing me a rhyme

What else do I want?

What things would I see as a milestone at 25?

I’m back to the drawing board

It’s time to know the adult me.

I lost touch!

It slipped away so quickly,

I’m here wishing for things

It feels like I’m a child again

No one will think for me.

I have to find me and be me and live with me

I’m wishing myself a happy birthday

Is it really happy?

It will be!

It has to Be!

I’m older

The load is heavier

I got this

A day at a time

Will you help me?


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