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Content vs Container

I know the word content is now a popular word for social media or let’s say the media in general.

So what kind of content do you put out? Before you reply that, ask your self what kind of content you have to give out. As humans we are containers or vessels in a classy way.

We have knowledge, talents, skills, ideas and so much content in us to give out in various ways. Don’t forget that content can be good, bad, or mixed most of the time because I feel no one is 100% on the edge.

Search yourself and know the kind of content you have offered, are offering and can offer. To guide you in making a choice as to what to give, look for a problem and see how you can solve one and then dive in.

Before you dive in deep it’s great to access the receiving container. Your content should go into the right container or you’d waste it or be misusing it. You cannot pour water into a basket and expect it to stay. It keeps rushing out and you keep pouring just because you heard success is not easy and you need to try many times.

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Friend, STOP! It’s time to access carefully what you are putting in your content. Is it yielding expected result? Now is the era of winning by being smart not working hard only. One limitation we have is our belief in change. Can a basket become a bowl? You may try to put in so much to fill up the spaces and there could still be leakage but then will it still be a basket?

Just as we are giving containers we are at some points receiving vessels. So it’s a two-way thing now. What kind of content do you give and receive? How is it helping You? How is it hurting You? That person you keep talking to and still notice no change could be a basket that can hold fruits and solid items but not water. So change the content you are giving. This can be applied to several spheres of life.

Some bowls too are broken and cannot serve their purpose. If you cannot mend the bowl change its use or let it go, if you cannot use it. Someone will find a way to use it or it will be recycled.

Now you know I won’t miss my people. CHILDREN!

They are also vessels but majorly on the receiving end and our content as adults influence what they will give later. They do not have filters and so can receive anything till later when they can sieve out. STOP giving them rotten content and when protect them where you can from receiving such. Fill them with the good ones so that when you see them give out wrong content your question of where they got it would be valid.

They’re in molding stage but you don’t have raw materials to make that because they are already made. You only have clay to form a vessel and ropes to weave your basket. Can you change ropes to clay? Children are different so take time and study them to know what content they need to be adorable.


STOP putting fruits and water together in a basket and being mad that water runs out and fruit stays.

STOP INFLICTING PAIN on a child because child A is not like child B. Remember a bowl can hold small water and fruits and a basket can’t but then they are no the useful.

Study people of all ages you meet and know what to put into their lives and TURN ON your filter because not everyone knows what to dish out but you can choose what to receive. Filters don’t only work on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Wheew! It was relieving to tell you that now spread this gospel to save you from getting unnecessary content and for the sake of our reflections-CHILDREN.

I still love you so much!



2 thoughts on “Content vs Container”

  1. Sure you have a point. Your thought this time was very Philosophical and very thought provoking. We need to weigh the contents before matching it to the container

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