Way of life

Everyone Tells This Lie!

Hey! you lied to me
Remember when you said you’d always be there,
Well you lied.

I know you probably didn’t mean it.
I guess you said it to make me feel better
But you still lied.

It’s okay because I’ve lied to some people myself
Even parents tell this lie to their kids,
Everyone tells this lie.

When we say we’d always be there but we never even check up on the person we said this to.
They reach out when they need us and hope hangs
All because we lied.

Remember the times your phone rang and you silenced it,
I was calling because I needed you and you promised to be there
There again you lied.

I too have lied so I understand.
You might also be going through your own stuff and need someone .
Or just feel you need to breathe because this person is turning a pest.
Just then you forgot you said,’ I’d always be here for you’.

With those words you gave hope, you wiped tears and now you’ve probably caused more pain, taken away hope, sown a seed of distrust.
I know you didn’t intend to do that,
But then you still lied.

You know at some point you stopped picking my calls
You avoided me.
You forgot your words had ‘always’ in them.
Those words cease to be true
All I feel now is that you lied.


Yes you lied!
You will still lie to someone else
I know it’s not intentional
But you’d not always be there
So stop the lie.

It’s better to teach me to how to live when you’re not there
It may be hard but I’d never forget you
Then only will you always be there
Even when I don’t see or hear or feel you there,
I’d believe you didn’t lie.



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